Supertuscan Ecomarathon

Yesterday was the Supertuscan Ecomarathon. From Bolgheri to Campiglia Marittima passing through Sassetta and Suvereto: the athletes crossed this territory strongly linked to the culture of wine and the values of nature and sport. Fans of this beautiful sport could choose between 5 routes from 7 Km to the challenging 44km. Just the two longest routes passed through the vineyards... [Read more]

A new cycle

Our dear plants, unaware and careless of all that is happening in the world, have begun their journey. We hope that the perfectly aligned green buds are a sign of hope. We are choosing the shoots that will bear the next fruits. The work in the vineyard is intense, the sunny days of spring with the constant breeze of these last... [Read more]

Despite everything, spring has arrived

Spring has finally arrived, although surrounded by a deadly aura. It is perhaps for this reason that this year spring appears even more sparkling. Here in Tuscany there are already hot and wonderful days. For those of us who have the good fortune to be able to work in this period, in the open air, isolated from people and virus,... [Read more]


The new season is arrived. Here is one of its best gems: the blooming of the wild daffodils. [Read more]

Here is the sign !!

Along the Regional Road 398 we finally succeeded in having a sign that indicates where to turn to reach us. We had to wait a bit ... but we did it. Now finding us will be easier. [Read more]

Racking while waiting for spring

At last, the last wine has completed malolactic fermentation. A quick racking will ensure maximum cleanliness and accuracy during his future evolution. Meanwhile, the spring begins to show the first signs of revival. We spent some beautiful days doing small maintenance to the poles and wires in the vineyard. Next week we start pruning. [Read more]

Autumn in Maremma, warm sun & wonderful days

After one year efforts culminating in the harvest, the vines are collecting energy reserves for next year. The heavy rain followed by sunny days are encouraging the process. Working in the vineyard in these days is just amazing! [Read more]