The property

The property covers 45 hectares, located on the crest of the hills of Suvereto looking towards Monteverdi Maritime, all in one body: 10 hectares of vineyards, 15 ha of woods, 2 ha of olive trees and the remaining 18 left to pasture.
The environment is a bit different from the area around Montepeloso, towards the sea. We are in fact higher, at about 120 MSL and more inside, protected from the sea by a belt of hills.
On the top of the highest hill there is a typical Tuscan farmhouse, yellow ocher, we are slowly renewing with our strength.
Inside it with our house, there is a small studio dedicated to guests, and the tasting room, facing north, with a beautiful outdoor pergola under which during the summer we welcome visitors and taste together our wines.
In the midst of the vineyards we made in 2009 the winery, almost entirely underground.