The Barbiconi Estate

The Estate located in Loc. Barbiconi sits on top of the hills of the town of Suvereto, northeast of the village, right in front of Monteverdi Marittimo, along the central part of the Tuscan coast, in the northern part of the Maremma.

We are about 110 meters above sea level, the area is definitively  different from the flattest one, which is located just in front of the sea. The sea itself is only 15 km away, but the area is protected by a range of hills, 20 meters higher than the village. It ‘a very nice place, surprising about how it is still intact and wild.

The dominant position allows to enjoy a beautiful view, almost in all directions, but especially from north to east.
The site is framed by forested hills, scrubland and pastures for kilometers.

The area is always windy, with southwest dominant direction during the day, but ready to reverse itself at sunset by the action of cold breezes coming from the north and east woods. The minimum temperature of July falls almost always around 16-17 degrees, while the maximum are easily around 32- 33 degrees.

The soils are medium textured, stony, mineral and limestone rich. Are typical of the geological formation known as the “Alberese”. It is a sedimentary rock, limestone marl, formed on the bottom of an ancient ocean. The raising of the seabed shatters this sedimented rock into small pieces as well as in very large blocks. Sometimes it seems to see “tiles” thick few centimeters as slabs weighing tons. You can clearly see the giant blocks that we used to build the walls for the ground containment next to the winery, rather than the ones small and light that we use as paving the road toward the farmhouse. Looking at the solis are well visible veins of white limestone, calcium, magnesium and also “galestro”, a clay shale degraded into small fragments that are much loved by the Sangiovese.