Sustainability and organic farming

When we arrived to Barbiconi was natural doing it on tiptoe. In a wonderful area, in the middle of unspoiled nature we become more aware of how it can be easy and fast to ruin everything. This led us immediately to look for a way to realize our dreams in the most compatible way with all that surrounds us, without compromise. At the same time made us feeling more responsible.

For this reason we have chosen to follow the path of “sustainability” because this allows us to look more at how things work in general.
We always adopt organic practices. We do everything in a rational and conscious way, and we just try to be realistic and only interfere as little as possible.

  • We built the cellar entirely underground. To have minimal environmental impact and for a natural humidity and temperature.
  • In 2023 we installed a photovoltaic panels system for the production of energy necessary for the operation of the cellar.
  • We heat the water with solar panels.
  • We reuse the stones that come from ripping the land in the vineyards to build each time driveways, drainage, walls etc. The whole cellar is surrounded by a belt of stones of 3 meters deep and 6 mt height, to create greater thermal insulation and optimum moisture inside.
  • We keep 15 ha of woodland, with whom we contribute to offsetting carbon dioxide emissions.
  • We collect naturally from drainages around the winery the necessary water to all treatments for the vineyards and for all purposes necessary to other agricultural practices.
  • From the very beginning we never irrigated vineyards, even in the driest vintages.
  • We mechanically work the land only when it is strictly necessary.
  • We use cover crops, mulched and then plowed back to help improve soil health.
  • We distribute and chop the branches after winter pruning, using them as fertilizer.
  • We use only sheep manure, coming from the pastures around the property.
  • We manually carry out most of the operations in the vineyard, such as pruning, selection of buds, bunch thinning, harvest.
  • The perfect vineyards location, on the top of our hills, among the forests and always windy, allows us to make maximum 6-8 treatments per year. We use mostly a combination of natural products, organic. We use only natural products, authorized by the organic certification specification to which we have submitted ourselves.