La Fralluca

La Fralluca = Francesca and Luca. When we met and fell in love in 1998 we were working in the fashion industry in Milan. Both economics graduates, we discovered that we had two powerful emotions in common: a passion for wine and the desire to have together a family with children. Dreaming an idyllic life making wine in the warm Tuscany, we began looking for a plot... [leggi tutto]

The wine a story of a terroir

The vineyard is the heart and the soul of wines. Are the individual bolts that interpret our territory, which adapt to the seasons year after year and that in the end we deliver their most valuable asset, the grape.

Winemaking philosophy

We only work with grapes we grow, in our vineyards. During the harvest the hand-picked grapes are placed in small boxes and taken quickly into the winery where they are immediately processed. The harvest and wine-making are just the process that end... [leggi tutto]

Luca and Francesca

Suvereto, Tuscany coast

Suvereto is a lovely medieval village, rich in history and art, whose origins date back to before the year 1000. Is set on the slopes of the hill overlooking the sea, in the northern part of Maremma, along the tuscan coast. The town displays an enchanting architectural harmony and its ancient walls enclose paved streets lined with stones houses. Thick cork, chestnut... [leggi tutto]