I Vini

Anteprima dei Vini

Thinking about the link between a wine and the terroir from which it comes, we gave most of our wines the names of the characters that in the tradition of classical mythology are transformed into some of the trees that grow on these hills. Filemone, the oak; Bauci, the linden; Fillide the almond; Pitis, the maritime pine and Ciparisso, the cypress. A little different story for Elice who, after being transformed into a bear, is raised by the wind up into the sky and becomes a constellation, the Great Bear. Then two wines dedicated to our children. For Isabella Isyrose, the rosé from Syrah, a combination of words: Isy, Syrah and the French-sounding rose. For Leonardo Leonis, elegant and educated but still a lion... just like our Alicante. Finally ... simply Cabernet Franc.