Suvereto: Maremma and the Tuscan coast

Suvereto is a lovely medieval village, rich in history and art, whose origins date back to before the year 1000. Is set on the slopes of the hill overlooking the sea, in the northern part of Maremma, along the tuscan coast.

The town displays an enchanting architectural harmony and its ancient walls enclose paved streets lined with stones houses. Thick cork, chestnut and oack woods and mediterranean scrub grow down all around.

The Wine Route winds its way across countryside, full of vineyards and century olive trees. The region is swarming with agricultural enterprises, oil mills, wineries, farm holiday resort where you can try local products and traditional dishes.

The climate is mild, warm and temperate. It’s characterized by dry summers and wetter winters.

The climate of the Maremma has Mediterranean characteristics along the coast, while taking more continental character inwards.

The distant mountains of Corsica to the west and the nearest reliefs of Elba Island tend to deflect or mitigate the Atlantic perturbations, thus limiting the annual water supply between 600 and 700 mm annual average.

Along the coast of the Maremma sunshine reaches in average high annual values: over 7 hours of sunshine a day, with a minimum in December around 4 hours a day and the highest in June and July with values of more than 11 hours of sunlight a day.