Press review and Awards

Corona del Pubblico

According to the votes received by the commissions parallel to the official ones of the Vinibuoni d'Italia guide, composed of journalists, professionals, sommeliers and winelovers, Elice 2020 obtained the Crown...

Vinibuoni d’Italia 2024

Vinibuoni d'Italia, the guide of the Touring Club dedicated to native vines has awarded our Elice 2020 with the highest award: the Top 300 crown.

Slow Wine 2023

Filemone 2021 Vino Slow

La Fralluca

BereBene 2023

The Gambero Rosso guide focused on good quality/price ratio wines.

Fillide 2018

I bianchi della costa

Fernando Pardini of AcquaBuona makes a review of the white wines of the Tuscan coast that he found most interesting.

AcquaBuona 15 settembre 2022

Raffaele Vecchione tasted Filemone 2021 Elice 2019 Bauci 2020 Pitis 2018 Ciparisso 2018 and Cabernet Franc 2018. Attached tasting note

Filemone 2021
Bauci 2020
Elice 2019
Cabernet franc 2018
Pitis 2018
Ciparisso 2018

Decanter Bronze Pitis 2016

DWWA, the world wine competition has also awarded a bronze medal to Pitis 2016, our Syrah.


Decanter Bronze Cabernet Franc 2016

DWWA, the world wine competition awarded a bronze medal to our Cabernet Franc 2016


Filemone 2019: the Crown from Vinibuoni d’Italia 2021

The Vinibuoni d'Italia 2021 guide, which specializes in the review of wines made from native grape varieties, has awarded our Vermentino Filemone the highest recognition, the crown.