The winery

Completed in the spring of 2009, the winery is almost completely underground, taking advantage of a natural depression already present. Surrounded by a belt of rocks (coming from the the vineyards) and covered with about 2 meters of ground, is projected to have temperature and humidity perfect for wine aging. The structure is simple and functional. On the outside there is a canopy that runs along the front, the only part that is not underground. Under it we do the “heavier” works, such as de-stemming, crushing, pressing the grapes for example.

Inside there are four separate and distinct areas. The largest is dedicated to the fermentation and storage. All tanks are stainless steel and thermo-controlled. The narrow and long barrel room is positioned at the bottom, in the coldest part of the cellar. A special room is dedicated to storage and aging the bottled wines and another one as warehouse and for the malolactic fermentation.