The legend of Filemone and Bauci is handed down in the eighth book of Ovid’s Metamorphoses. Zeus and Hermes, wandering through Phrygia in human form, knocking at a thousand doors, asked everywhere for hospitality and everywhere were denied their welcome. Only one house offered asylum: it was a hut, built with reeds and mud. Here, Filemone and the pious Bauci, united in chaste marriage, saw their beautiful days together, growing old enduring poverty, made sweeter and lighter by their tender bond». Zeus unleashed his anger against the Phrygians but spared Filemone and Bauci, turning their poor hut into a luxurious temple and offering to fulfill any of their wishes. They only asked to be priests of the temple of Zeus and die together.
When Filemone and Bauci were close to death, Zeus transformed them into an oak and a lime tree united by the trunk. This wonderful tree, which stood in front of the temple, was venerated for years by the faithful.

Bauci, is a 100% Viognier, a strong character wine. With the typical richness of the grape, reveals in the mouth a sharp soul, typical of our territory, given by the natural acidity and minerality, for a perfect balancing. The nose has hints of white peach and herbs, sage and wet stone. The flavours are very incisive and point to the cooler night time temperatures and cold breezes that the vines are exposed to, which imbue the grapes with so much freshness and verve.

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