Fillide, a young and beautiful Thracian princess, was in love with Acamante.
During the Trojan War, Acamante departed with Diomedes, following the Achaeans.
After ten long years, during which the beautiful princess had waited for the return of her beloved, the survivors returned from the war.
The princess, not seeing Acamante among them, thought that he had died and taken from despair, took his own life.
The goddess Athena, merciless for this tragedy, transformed Fillide into a tree: the Almond tree. Acamante, late back in his homeland, learned of Fillide’s death and his transformation into an almond tree and embraced his beloved.
It was so, that suddenly, the bare branches of the almond tree were covered with flowers instead of leaves, as if to reciprocate the tender embrace of Acamante.

Sangiovese, Syrah and Alicante Bouschet

Fillide is the only blend we are making. Sangiovese, Syrah and Alicante blend together their features to express the full potential of our terroir. The result is a fresh and fruity wine, perfectly balanced, with intense fruit aromas, full-bodied, with soft tannins.  A nice wine, at the same time easy to drink and to eat with.

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