One day Elice, a nymph dear to Diana the goddess of the forest, was approached and seduced by Jupiter, causing the jealousy of Juno. After the birth of Arcade, son of the god and the nymph, Juno doesn’t hold back her anger and turns poor Elice into a big bear. For years she will wander in the woods until she meets her son who, ignoring that she was his mother, is going to kill her. Then Jupiter lifts Elice and Arcade on the wings of the wind and transports them into the sky. He transforms Elice into the constellation Ursa Major and Arcade into the constellation Bootes, close forever.

Elice is our cru of vermentino: it is made from only grapes from a little vineyard thet we call the “Punta”. Turned south, steep and stony, it lies on a tongue of limestone rock. The resulting winehas a great purity taste, complex and elegant with a distinct minerality. It has a unique personality, with excellent prospects of a long aging in the bottle.


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