In ancient Greece the myth of Pitis was narrated, a nymph who had two suitors: Pan, the god of the woods and the god Borea, or the wind of the North. Pitis, however, was in love with Pan and when she chose to bind herself to him, the cold north wind blew so hard that she fell from a cliff. The goddess Terra then transformed it into a pine; the resin that is sometimes seen on the barks of the pines, when the north wind blows, represents the tears of Pitis.

Pitis is a selection of Syrah coming from the vineyards of Punta and Romano, where we planted clones coming from Rhone valley. Pitis maintains the characteristics of Syrah grown​ ​on poor and stony soils. Red fruits and spices with hints of graphite at the nose, the mouth reveals nice contrasts, drinkability. Long aging in the cellar, unleashes power and finesse at the same time.

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